Opera 10.52 coba2 hehe

Yah nih dia Opera coba atau apa yah ? hehe beta kali yah dan pastinya ini lum direkomendasikan kali gitu yah.. yang pasti nih tersedia buat windows gitu jadi so yang mau jajal atau cobain silahken saja yah mana kutahu hehe wasaaaaaaaaal dah ah 🙂


  • Attempted fix for DSK-287066 (E-mails, attachments and pages don’t
    open due to corrupted cache)
  • Fixed CORE-28588 (Network problem when using proxy)
  • Fixed CORE-28533 (EnableOnDemandPlugin causes NSL (Never Stops
  • Fixed CORE-950 (selectedIndex wrong after removing all options but
    one from SELECT with size set)
  • Fixed CORE-5926 (Option unselectable if another option removed and
    SIZE but not MULTIPLE set)
  • Fixed CORE-8930 (Support any HTTP verb in XHR, with exceptions)
  • Fixed CORE-24158 (Zimbra crash)
  • Fixed CORE-25585 (selectedIndex is -1 after adding option)
  • Fixed CORE-26939 (Option element crash)
  • Fixed CORE-15621 (Wrong option selected when removing selected
  • Fixed CORE-26314 (ContentEditable div inserts BR tag inside itself
    when added to dom tree)
  • Fixed CORE-11792 (Width and height of image in display:none element
    is 0 (Orkut avatar))
  • Fixed CORE-26940 (Zero size redirect fails)
  • Fixed CORE-26315 (Progress bar doesn’t disappear when document fails
    to do document.close)
  • Fixed CORE-26405 (Image onerror event regression)
  • Fixed CORE-22236 (Enabling designmode removes event listeners)
  • Fixed CORE-25558 (XMLHttpRequest response referer wrong when request
    initiated in call from another frame)
  • Fixed CORE-22687 (Incorrect precision on negative numbers)
  • Fixed CORE-24822 (Improving setTimeout and setInterval precision)
  • Fixed CORE-28141 (Opera crashes after running Gordon for a while)
  • Fixed CORE-28451 (Fix to make windowless QuickTime work)
  • Fixed CORE-27676 (Crash with many connection attempts over proxy)
  • Fixed CARAKAN-1111 (Setting location of https iframe from different


yapppppp silahken sumber desktopteam


1 Response to “Opera 10.52 coba2 hehe”

  1. 1 alamendah 27/04/2010 pukul 05:57

    (maaf) izin mengamankan PERTAMA dulu. Boleh kan?!
    Belum tahu, ki….

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